Create a Picture Game

Mimi the Artist has created online games that have picture pieces that you drag across the screen and leave them where you think they look best! This game is similar to Colorforms, a favorite game of Mimi's from long ago!  Each and every time that you play one of these games the finished picture will look different!  If you want to save your picture follow these steps:

1. On a Windows computer- Hold down the following 2 keys all at once, Alt+PrintScreen (which will copy the picture), then past the image into a Paint or Word document or other piece of software. (Hint: To paste the image, first place your cursor into the document then hold down the 2 keys- Ctrl+v   (don't use the + key, Mimi just typed the plus sign into the directions to help you out)

2. On a Mac- Hold down the following keys all at once, Command+Shift+4, you will then notice that the arrow cursor now looks like a photography bulls-eye, while holding down your mouse button, drag it diagonally down from one corner of your picture to the opposite corner, then let go of your mouse button.  You have now saved the image to the Desktop!