A fun way to serve a healthy appetizer at your Thanksgiving feast!  All ages will enjoy both making and eating this cute "turkey"!


1. I used both red and green grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, pineapple and blueberries.  Other fruits may be used too!  One thing I would do differently from my 1st attempt is to purchase canned chunk pineapple, I had used sliced pineapple and cut it myself but found it too flimsy and difficult to use. Oh, you will also need a whole pear and bamboo skewers (found in the supermarket), colored felt, and glue.

2. I started out with 7 skewers for the first layer. When I made the one in the picture I had added the fruit as I developed the pattern but next time I may poke holes into the pear where you will be pushing the skewers in (1 row at a time), then add the fruit to the sticks before pushing them into the pear. I don't know which way would be easier.

In the picture below the 3 skewers helped balance the pear and kept it from rolling around.


4. Once I had an entire row done I realized that I needed to add a row in the "front"

5. Once you have all the fruit on it is time for the turkey's face and legs.  I used felt scraps and Elmers glue.
Next time I may use a glue gun. For the eyes you could also use the plastic Wiggly eyes found at craft stores.

I will be making this again!  It was a BIG hit!