Steps 9-16

Step #9 Step #10
Step # 9

Yellow! Draw a tiny line up from the
center of each candle.

Step # 10

Still using yellow... notice the curved
line that I drew over the far right candle?
Start at the top tip of the little straight line that you drew for the wick... now draw up and out then curve back in again, stopping at the tip of where the flame will end.


Step #11 Step #12
Step # 11

Do the same, but curve in an opposite direction, to complete the flames outline.

Step # 12

Do the last 2 steps for each of the 2 remaining candles.

Step # 13

Sorry for the tiny image, remember, you can click on it to see it in a larger size.
This step is coloring in the flame using yellow.

Step # 14

This step provides the energy to the drawing!
(It's like adding a battery!)
Draw tiny yellow lines that do NOT touch the flame. Have them angle out from the center.

Step # 15

Again, using yellow, draw over the
bottom curved light blue line.

Step # 16

Add 2 tiny yellow vertical (up and down)
lines from the bottom edges of each
candle. We are making the holder.



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