This is Mimi's Step-By-Step Picture

You could use black construction paper and Cray-Pas for this lesson,
or experiment with crayons, colored pencils, or paint...
and try using different colors of paper and textures!


Step-by-Step Holiday Candle Lesson

Steps 1-8


Step #1


Step #2


Step # 1

Take the lighter blue cray-pas.
Have your paper the sideways way...
Draw straight, up and down lines in sets.
Make sure that you keep the lines in the
middle area of the paper because you need
to leave room for the candlestick holders and flames. Draw 6 lines in all.

Step # 2

Still using the light blue,
draw a slightly curved down connecting
line between the 2 candle sides.
Do this for all 3 candles

Step #3 Step #4
Step # 3

Go back to the line on the right side of each
candle and make it a bit higher than the
other side of the candle.
(We need to plan ahead in order to show melted wax dripping...)
Step # 4

Take the white and draw directly over the blue line on the left of each candle, plus, draw a white line over the... oops!!!
I forgot to have you use light blue to downward connect the top tips of the candle sides! ... sorry!
Please do that now, then go over it with white.




Step #5 Step #6
Step # 5

Okay, you already did this step...
I will look through my zip disks to find the correct Step # 4 image after...
Step # 6

Using white, moving your arm in a sideways motion, zig-zag color up the left
side of the candle. Let the white go
half way across the candle and allow some
of the black paper to peek through.
Step #7 Step #8
Step # 7

Take your light blue again and zig-zag color
up the center of the candle. Notice how I've
bumped the light blue against the white on
it's left and actually went over the white
in many spots... you do this too.

Step # 8

Time for dark blue!
First, color over the far right side of each candle's light blue line with the dark blue.
With the dark blue, color up the right
sides of each candle.
Again, use the side ways motion of coloring, and allowing the colors to over-lap.

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