Steps # 17- #27 (Final)
Step # 17

Connect the tiny yellow lines using a downward curved line.

Step # 18

Draw 2 outward angled lines from the outside edges of each candle holder.

Step # 19

Connect the lines that you just drew, using a very gently curved line.


Step # 20

Using a sideways motion to color, fill in the candle holder with yellow. Allow some of the black paper to peek out, especially
on the right side...


Step #22
Step #21

Add just a hint of yellow to the candle...
Just dap the cray-pas here and there on the
left side of the candle, in a sideways movement... this will suggest a reflection of the flames glow...
(This is an optional step...)


Step # 22

Time for the bright green (the color of grass)
Draw a slightly curved, angled line up and out from the candle holder.


Step #23 Step #24

Step #23

Now draw some wispy lines coming out from
the first line that you drew.
These will be pine needles...


Step #24

Do the same lines on the other side of the pine needle's center line.


Step #25 Step #26

Step #25

Notice how I have started the green lines over the front of the
yellow candle holders. Draw gentle curves... this is important.



Step #26

Add the needles to each pine branch.
Let them overlap each other
when you draw them. Don't be too neat either!


Step #27 Final Step in the Holiday Candle Lesson! Mimi has successfully taught this lesson to very young children.

The secret is to have them work on only one candle though and have the paper go the "up and down" way!

Step #27

Last, but not least, add red "colored in" circles to look like berries...
The rule of "3"... works good here, but it is up to you how many berries you want!


When Mimi was an Art Teacher the budget was extremely tight so she usually had the students in the youngest grades use crayons instead of cray-pas since the younger child will tend to get more cray-pas on their shirts than on the paper!