Mimi knows that creating a picture that can actually "cast shadows" is an exciting project, and easy too! Follow along to see how a simple "pop-up" picture is created. Once you understand how it is done you can create even more detailed pictures!

Below are easy steps to for you to follow:


For this lesson you will need construction paper, scissors, paste or glue and crayons.

For the main background you may want to use a black piece of paper or a dark blue.

Fold the paper in half then proceed to the next step.


While the paper is still folded you will draw the guide lines to cut along to make the pop-up supports.

In the example, Mimi drew 4 short lines. Each line started at the folded edge and went straight out for about 1 1/2 to 2 inches.

Keeping the paper folded, cut along each of the lines.

In the example photo Mimi uses red dashes to show where the scissors need to be used, you do not need to draw any dash marks... just cut along the lines that have already been drawn.


Once you have cut along two of the lines you may want to check your progress by pushing in the inner section.

Push in the inner area gently and allow it to crease the opposite way than it had been when the big piece of paper was folded... it should look "boxy" on the other side of the paper.


To see how the "pop-out" section looks like on the front, just flip open the paper! If the folded out section seems to be uneven you may easily push the paper back into place and snip the paper at the original starting point, to even things out.

Cut the second section the same way as the first.

In other projects you may want to try making 3 pop-outs.

Just remember... it is better to snip-snip-snip slowly with your scissors, to check how it looks, then adjust when you need to... if you cut too much, too quickly, you may have a tricky time fixing it afterwards!


The parts of the pop-up picture that "pop-out" are glue/pasted to the front of the box-shaped pop-out.

Here is another view of how the pop-outs look... this photo was taken from the side of the example.

The white is where the glue/paste goes.

This photo shows how it looks when paper shapes are glued onto the pop-out sections.

The example shows the path (in white crayon) drawn onto the black paper that leads up to the haunted house.


Notice how you may add more picture pieces to make everything more interesting!

When Mimi was cutting out the orange pumpkin she made sure to leave a bit of extra paper at the bottom of it. She used the extra section to fold back and, with a bit of glue, stuck it to the bottom of the paper. Mimi did the same for the "RIP" tombstone.

One of the ghosts is glued to the back of the tombstone and the other ghost is sticking out of a tiny slit that Mimi cut in the upstairs haunted house window... a bit of glue holds it on!

Mimi drew white spots on the "back" piece of the folded paper to make it look like a night sky with stars.

You may use the "back" to draw anything that you want! In the example above, Mimi could have drawn mountains, a moon, clouds, bats... anything!