Here is a simple project using construction paper, crayons and dried grass (if you don't have grass you could cut strips of paper. (Mimi has a pattern below!)  This lesson is great for children in pre-school through 3rd grade.

This example has both dried grass and paper
attached to a piece of construction paper.

Indian Corn Art Project

Mimi has a pattern for you to use too!

  1. To make the project use the corn pattern and trace 3 ears of corn then cut them out.
  2. Using a dark color crayon and starting at the bottom (thinner) part of the corn, draw little circles a row at a time. They look like little jellybeans.
  3. Once you have reached the top you need to do the same to the other 2 corn pieces.
  4. Now it is time to color them in. You may use any colors you want!
  5. Before pasting the corn to the background piece of paper you will want to first attach dried grass or straw, or, if you do not have any, you may draw your own on scrap paper, then cut the pieces out. Mimi has a pattern for you to use for the grass too!
  6. A border drawn around the edge of the background paper makes the project look even nicer!

Another example

This example used cray-pas on brown construction paper.
After tracing the corn pattern 3 times (using a pencil) take either
a cray-pas or crayon and draw little circles over and over again
to make it look like kernels of corn.
Use yellow colors to draw gently curved lines upward so it looks like the husks.
The example below is not completed yet, it still needs more coloring in.

This Indian Corn was made with just crayons

 Click on the image of the project pattern below to open the printable PDF

Mimi hopes that you have fun with this project!