Basic Skills

Understanding the basic steps in a particular task will increase your level of enjoyment and the quality of your work!

  • Teaching children how to maintain their art supplies is a great goal for parents, caregivers and teachers!
  • Learning how to use scissors will improve the look of your finished product!
  • Drawing a straight line using a straight edge sounds simple but is not often taught to children.
  • Tips on how to move the crayon or colored pencil as one colors in a picture can make a huge difference.
  • Moving the whole arm when drawing compared to moving only the wrist and hand... when to do which?  :)

Links to each of these thoughts and more will be posted soon!

Mimi has so many different types of fun things for you to do!  Here you will find a mix of a whole bunch of projects and activities!


Parents, teachers and "home-schoolers" will find these games to not only engage the child in a fun activity but will also be an educational experience!

More games and activities will be added so please check back!  Also, keep an eye open for Mimi's art education book series for young children!






Paper snowflakes are a lot of fun to make and each one comes out different!   [PDF]  [Lesson on YouTube]



Follow along with Mimi as she teaches how to cut with scissors:


Learning IS fun!  Mimi LOVES to make fun games and projects that will help her friends learn how to count; how to read and how to do many others things!  She calls this "The 3 R's with an Artistic Twist"!