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Mimi the Artist's journey of becoming a children's book writer, illustrator, publisher, promoter, business manager and everything else in-between!

As I continue working on one of my New Year's Resolution goals: to work on the marketing/advertising component of my business, I so often find myself wanting to do too many things.  I know that I need to freshen up my website, add new content and correct any navigational issues yet I find that the artistic part of the task is so much fun that I begin to create new content and drawings before I correct items already there. I am also reading as much as I can about YouTube channels and how to be successful and one of the key items is "branding".  I have updated my Mimi the Artist logo and am having so much fun adding it  to my projects!

My updated logo for Mimi the Artist!

When I was a young girl, I would draw pictures for my classmates in school.  I have memories of sitting in my third grade classroom during "indoor recess" and having a line of kids waiting their turn for me to draw them each a picture.  I had a difficult time with drawing hands and feet so would purposely place the figure a "bit too low" on the paper so the feet wouldn't fit in the drawing and the arms were always bent behind the back. Needless to say, I was always happy when someone asked for a picture of a cat or butterflies!

3rd grade solution... no hands!